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Is it necessary to book the place in advance?

It is necessary to reserve your place in advance. Go to Rozvrh where you can choose a specific class. In the menu on the left you can choose one of our centres ("vyber si centrum") and your preferred day ("vyber si deň"). If you have chosen your class click on "prihlásiť", then type your email address and click on "prihlásiť na lekciu." In the next step you have to register to our client zone. Fill out all your information and click on "zaregistrovať". Now you have successfully registered into our client zone and you can view all your reserved classes in "Moje lekcie."

I'm trying yoga for the first time, which class should I take?

There are colorful classes’ variations in the schedule depending on the difficulty. For beginners, green marked classes, those are physically less demanding, you can learn single poses and they are manageable for everyone. Yellow marked classes, also suitable for beginners but a bit more difficult physically. Brown marked classes are for intermediate to advanced yogis.

What should I bring for the class?

For the class you need following: a yoga mat, a towel, a bottle of water {especially at HOT YOGA}. In case you forget something, we have it at your disposal at the reception desk.

Do you lend yoga mats?

Yes, we do. For yoga classes it is free of charge, for hot yoga classes it is 1€ fee due to cleaning service. You can also bring your own yoga mat if you have one.

Is it possible to pay by card?

Unfortunately, it is possible to pay only in cash.

Are there any English classes?

Classes are only in Slovak so far however our teachers have no problem with English. There are several teachers speaking English fluently.

How much is the entrance fee for yoga class or HOT YOGA?

One-time entrance fee for yoga is 8€ and for Hot yoga 14€.  For more information about prices go to Cenník.


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